22-Le Sabre
22-Le Sabre

22-Le Sabre

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Le Sabre is part of the ... collection, part of the promotional products helping Heidi Levasseur, known as "Québec's Mermaid", in her project to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

The purist design of the ring emphasizes a reproduction of a sculpture created by Roger Langevin. “At first glance, you can see a fish, with its dorsal fin and its tail formed by water blades. Looking at it the other way, one can glimpse at a swimmer, yet the surrounding waves, as well as the head positioned as the eyes on both sides, suggest the mythical image of a mermaid”, as stated by Mr. Langevin.


A touch of madness and simplicity, as well as a token of support towards this titanic project of swimming across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Pewter piece created by Les Créations à Cath (representing Roger Langevin's sculpture: La Traversée) 
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Adjustable ring
I purchase a jewelry to surf on Heidi's wave...
Les Créations à Cath, A TOUCH OF MADNESS !!